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Content Creator Partnership

Are you a videographer or content creator in the Motorsport Industry?


We know first hand how hard the game can be. Getting your content seen online and in social media can be expensive with advertising costs, especially for smaller race teams.


Often your clients are looking for exposure numbers to support their sponsorship programmes and brand activations. Oversteer TV has built up a strong subscriber base in New Zealand (and internationally), and we'd like to offer that audience to content creators.









'Prime Time' Video Publishing accross all our platforms,

including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and our Website.


Publish to our 112,400+ subscriber base,

a 95% Male demographic targeting 18-24 & 25-34.

(Click here to see more insight data)


Push Notifications via our Andriod App,

with Content published on our website feature page,

and new video notifications issued via Twitter.


Exposure to our Facebook content partners,

similar pages linked into our cross-posting network who may enjoy

your content and share with their own audiences.


Videos included into our Content Creator Playlist,

video will also be included into our standard playlist categories

on our Website, YouTube & Mobile App.


You Own The Content.

The creative freedom is yours (within our publishing requirements)

and sponsor branding and logos can be included in your video production.

You can request to have your videos removed from our service at any time.











1920x1080 HD Video Format

Minimum of 10mbps

25fps or 50fps

(.h264 MP4 preferred)



90sec Minimum Video Length.

258sec Maximum (4min.30)



'Cold Open' Rule

No Black or Blank Screen, Branding, Logos,

Idents or Graphics to open your video in the first 3 seconds.


Your video must have a minimum of 3 seconds of visual impact

or an action shot before any branding, logos or graphics are shown.



Broadcasting Standards

Oversteer TV is viewed by people of all ages. Any branding, graphics, imagery or video content containing violence, nudity, racism, or breaches the Terms & Conditions of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, will not be accepted.



Music Rights

All music featured in your content must be fit for purpose, and must not

breach any copyright laws or any of the Terms & Conditions

of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Content containing copyrighted music will be rejected.


Here is a short list of Royalty Free / Copyright Free music providers that we recommend, otherwise please ensure you hold the rights to use your featured music.



Facebook Sound Collection


Epidemic Sound






























Partnership Branding


You will be required to add our Oversteer TV Partnership Ident at the

conclusion of your video, this does not count toward your

258sec Maximum (4min.30) video length.


Click here to download.






Service Cost: $45 NZD Per Upload


Invoice to be sent via supplied email address within 24 hours.

Upload will be scheduled within 24 hours of payment completion.

Upload will be scheduled for next available 7.30pm slot, Mon-Thur.


We encourage Content Creators, Videographers and Motorsport teams to include this service in their media/production costs and refer sponsors to the Subscriber, Viewership, and Demographic data provided via our Services section on our website.



Click Here to view our Terms & Conditions.


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