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By Oversteer TV, Dec 4 2014 02:24AM

Many Kiwi Drift-Fans will probably know by now, but Red Bull Drift Shifters is returning to the streets of Auckland City THIS WEEKEND - and we've got Media Access!

Our videos from the last event in 2012 (as featured above) we're an absolute hit. We're looking forward to bringing you guys more great clips to re-live the excitement and give those who couldnt make it the best view possible.

If you're unaware what Red Bull Drift Shifters is about:

Red Bull Drift Shifters is a unique motorsport event that will, for a day, transform the streets of Auckland City into a giant pinball inspired drift track. The brain child of Mad Mike Whiddett, Drift Shifters will bring together top international drift drivers from around the world, to battle it out with New Zealand’s finest motorsport talent.

The new course is totally automated with drivers scoring points from speed and proximity to obstacles, unlocking bonus points and creating new high scores, all happening in real time and displayed on giant live screens, just like a real pinball game.

The action starts from 11am when 16 drivers compete in a bid to clock the highest scores and move through the competition to reach the finals. The driver’s skills and custom built cars create a true spectacle, so be there in person on Saturday December 6th to watch the action unfold.

A family friendly, FREE event to the public.

More details including event times, location, full driver profiles and an international live-stream of the event are available here: http://www.redbull.com/nz/en/motorsports/events/1331683091452/red-bull-drift-shifters-is-back-in-2014

In the meantime be sure to bookmark and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you havent already - see you trackside for all the fun!


Kenny Ruddell

Director / Editor - Oversteer TV

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