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DRIFT/CHAT: 006 Monday 13 NOV 2017 (Big Boys Toys Special)

By Oversteer TV, Nov 13 2017 10:31AM

DRIFT/CHAT: 006 Special Episode from Big Boys Toys 2017 with the launch of the new NZ-Xtreme Motorsport Series and the 2018 D1NZ Championship - Featuring Fanga Dan's new ride, Gaz Whiter Drift's new engine package, Olivecrona Drift Motorsport's new V12 built by Hartley Engines, Darren Kelly's Nissan R35 GTR returns from Australia and D1NZ Pro-SPORT drivers Cody Pullen-Burry & Jase Brown make the move into the D1 Pro-Class for 2018!

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