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$9.00 CPM

How It Works


Marketing with Oversteer TV's CPM Threshold scheme means

you only pay for what you get. No funny business, no fake likes.


100% Organic Audience

(Excludes paid promotions)

OTV CPM Example

Stage 1


Threshold: 100,000 views

CPM: $9 per 1000 views

You Pay: $900*



Stage 2


Threshold: 200,000

CPM: $5.50 per 1000 views up to 200,000

You Pay: $900 + Stage 2 CPM Rate



Stage 3

(Campaign Finish)


Video remains online indefinitely

and accumulates no further costs.


Max Campaign Cost: $1450

Campaign Length: 28 days



*If campaign viewership does not meet Stage 2 Threshold

you will only pay for the views accumulated at the $9 rate.

Standard Marketing Campaign